Best moments from the Dodgers Zoom Party

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted a Zoom Party on Monday and it was everything the fans needed while being stuck in quarantine.

When the Dodgers tweeted that they would be hosting a Zoom Party for the first 1,000 fans who RSVP’d last week, it was embarrassing how fast I responded. I felt like my four-year-old when she found out Frozen 2 was coming out. When? Why not right now?!

Ok, so maybe I was a little overexcited to witness anything related to the Dodgers after six weeks of quarantine without baseball, but I was definitely interested in how they would put the meeting together.

Let’s just say, they didn’t disappoint.

Fans were able to hear from Dodger players, broadcasters, and famous fans during the nearly 60 minute meeting. From Joe Davis and Jaime Jarrin to Justin Turner and Will Smith to Ron Cey and Eric Karros to Mario Lopez and Brad Paisley, it was quite the collection of talent to greet fans during the party.

Here are my favorite moments in no particular order.

1. George Lopez kills the Astros

Alanna Rizzo had to mute comedian George Lopez’s microphone when she first brought up the Astros, worried he might offer less than a family-friendly response about their cheating ways.

Lopez did get a few lines on, though. After Zoom guest Nomar Garciaparra had mic difficulties on the call, Lopez fired, “I think Nomar should hit up [Jose] Alutve for some recording equipment because his microphone wasn’t working so well.”

When country singer Brad Paisley played a sample of There’s no I in beer, Lopez picked up his own guitar and sang a verse about trash cans and curveball warnings.

2. Joe Kelly’s Zoom persona

The new father of twins, Joe Kelly, came to the Zoom party in a sombrero, drinking LaCroix sparking water (I think that is what it is). But then he made things a little more interesting.

Jerry Hairston‘s reaction in the Zoom box above Kelly’s might be the best part about the bit.

3. AC Slater and Steve Urkel made appearances

If it feels like you haven’t seen the Dodgers play since the 1990s, well, maybe you haven’t. The Zoom Party brought out AC Slater and Steve Urkel!

Speaking of Mario Lopez…

4. Mario Lopez says they changed math

Mario Lopez spoke for all parents stuck at home with kids during the quarantine. In talking about trying to help his young ones with their homework, he screamed, “Did you guys know they changed math! They changed math!”

5. Brad Paisley’s sweatshirt

Country singer Brad Paisley arrived to the meeting with a special edition sweatshirt that fixes the 2017 World Series* outcome.

6. Kenley Jansen from Foot Locker

I’ve always known Dodger closer Kenley Jansen was a Jordan brand guy, but his appearance on the Zoom Party made it abundantly clear. Teammate Joe Kelly joked upon seeing the large Jordan logo and shelves of shoes in the background of Jansen’s picture, “Are you at Foot Locker? You can’t be outside.”

7. Vin Scully is doing well

Despite a poor internet connection ruining the playback, a recorded message from Hall-of-Fame broadcaster Vin Scully at the end of the Zoom call was a welcome surprise. Scully said he is recovering well and joked that he was called “out” on his headfirst slide last week that sent him to the emergency room. In his usual classy way, Scully thanked the first responders for their help in this “unusual” time.

The Dodgers promised more Zoom parties to come, but let’s hope we are seeing them on the field again soon.