Dodgers: Who is the best first baseman in franchise history?

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Brooklyn Dodger Gil Hodges photographed at first base during practice. (Photo by Barney Stein/Sports Studio Photos/Getty Images)

Who is the greatest first baseman in Dodgers history?

First base isn’t the sexiest position in baseball. It’s usually reserved for players who don’t have enough athletic ability to find a spot somewhere else on the diamond. Of course, there are exceptions, players who field the position like a middle infielder, and we will talk about some of those in ranking the best Dodger first basemen in franchise history.

Rather than do a list of the top five, as we have done in the past in ranking the best catchers in team history, I wanted to do this piece a little different and discuss the best to wear the first base glove in logical pairs. Sometimes the most effective way to understand the contributions of a player is to frame their work in comparison to others.

The first base ranking is broken down into four pairings: recent heroes, consistent Dodgers, stars from earlier times, and the two players who clearly rise above the rest in being considered the greatest to wear a first base glove in franchise history.

Before we get into the list, there are some honorable mentions.

Eddie Murray didn’t make his name with the Dodgers, but his 1990 season is one to remember. He batted .330 that year, smacked 26 home runs, and finished 5th in MVP voting, while winning the Silver Slugger Award.

Ron Fairly accumulated a lot of statistics over 12 seasons in LA, but he only really manned first base on a permanent basis for three seasons, so I excluded him from the list.

Ok, let’s get into it.

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