Dodgers Briefing: New batter’s eye, injury updates, Chico mania

Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /
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Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

Catching you up on the latest news about the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Good Morning, Dodger fans!

Opening Day is only 14 days away. Let’s get you caught up on the latest news.

1. Max Muncy struggles with new batter’s eye at Dodger Stadium

Max Muncy told reporters on Wednesday that he injured his finger by getting hit by a pitch that he never saw coming due to the new batter’s eye at Dodger Stadium. Muncy has been held out of intra-squad games since injuring his left ring finger on Sunday.

"“I don’t know if I’ll comment too much on that, but it’s just something that we’ll have to get used to,” Muncy said via the Los Angeles Times. “It’s different than what we’ve had here. It’s just something to get used to. I will say I know pitchers are pretty happy about the batter’s eye out there.”"

Dodger Stadium renovation: During the prolonged break from baseball, Dodger Stadium has been undergoing a massive transformation. A $100 million renovation project was set to be revealed this season, featuring a new fan area behind the outfield stands with food, drink, and entertainment amenities.

What is the batter’s eye? The “batter’s eye” is the backdrop the hitter sees from the batter’s box when looking at the pitcher during an at-bat. It is the background behind the baseball being thrown at them at various speeds and directions. The Dodgers have a giant black structure in centerfield to act as a the new batter’s eye, but it’s possible there are gaps where light is sneaking in, or reflections. The team will need to rely on feedback from the players to make adjustments.

  • Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said other players have had difficulty with the new batter’s eye. Catcher Will Smith said it could be “a little higher and wider.” You can see a picture of it below.

Muncy injury: Mad Max says he would have played last night if it was a regular season game, however, he cannot grip a bat yet and still feels pain. The Dodgers are set to open the season in two weeks, so he has time to recover.