Tigers Woods shares Dodgers disdain for the San Francisco Giants

Tiger Woods, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)
Tiger Woods, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images) /

Without fans in the stands, hot mics are picking up everything in sports, including Dodgers fan Tiger Woods sharing his disdain for the Giants with Rory McIlroy during the PGA Championship.

After having grown up in Orange County and then attending college at Stanford, golf legend Tiger Woods has been exposed to both sides of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants rivalry. However, he never let his college’s proximity to the latter to cloud his love of Dodger blue.

So it wasn’t a shock when, during Thursday’s first round of the PGA Championship, he took a little bit of offense when his playing partner, Rory McIlroy, rolled up with Giants colors on his bag.

McIlroy’s bag, as shown by Yahoo Sports, was primarily black with white and orange accents and had a very clearly stitched “San Francisco” on the pocket. If that wasn’t enough to sell the point, the bottom was encircled with what appeared to be the Golden Gate Bridge.

In McIlroy’s defense, he obviously didn’t seem to know what he brought to the tee when playing with Woods, a died in the wool Dodgers fan. However, it didn’t take the greatest golfer of all-time to educate him on the matter.

Thanks to hot mics on the course, and the lack of any crowd noise, viewers at home were able to pick up the exact details of the conversations. Here’s the clip for your viewing pleasure.

For those unable to view it at the present time, the conversation went a little bit like this:

"“Giants’ colors, couldn’t do it,” Woods said.“I don’t know enough about baseball,” McIlroy said.“What team do you root for back home? Soccer?” Woods asked.The Northern Irishman is a Manchester United fan.“So, Liverpool. It would be like having Liverpool colors on your bag,” Woods said. “That’s how much we hate the Giants. I wouldn’t do it.”"

It seemed an honest mistake, but when Woods broke it down by comparing the Dodgers-Giants rivalry to that of the Manchester United-Liverpool, it sent the message home.

Woods has been seen numerous times at Dodgers game and at Chavez Ravine usually sporting a Jackie Robinson jersey. Even with the niceties of golf course and the calm atmosphere of the game, Woods was not about to let such a slight go unnoticed.

For his part, Woods started the PGA Championship with a 2-under-par round of 68, tying him for 24th after the first round. McIlroy, meanwhile, fired an even-par 70 on the day, proving that the Giants will also fall a few behind the Dodgers.