Former Dodgers GM strongly endorses Marlins’ Kim Ng hire

Former Dodgers executive Kim Ng was hired by the Marlins as GM on Friday — long overdue! — and Ned Colletti gave her due praise.

Long before Kim Ng was to become the first female GM in MLB history, a title made official by the Miami Marlins on Friday, she was the GM-in-waiting of the Los Angeles Dodgers who…well, people seemed to nervous to anoint.

Even last decade seemed a bit premature for such a maneuver, in the eyes of many in the stuck-in-the-mud sports world. But as the can kept getting kicked down the road in an endless sequence of “Wait ‘Til Next Years,” we had to wonder: Would the extremely deserving Ng ever break the final level of glass, or would she simply be a trailblazer for someone else’s eventuality?

Luckily, the Marlins took the final plunge on Friday, hiring Ng to their most prominent front office position.

And Ned Colletti, the man she served under for years in Los Angeles and was thought to potentially succeed, had nothing but high praise on her special day.

Those 30 years of experience include 2002-2011 with the Dodgers, if you check the fine print, as well as four years in New York during the Yankees dynasty, copping rings from 1998-2000.

Ng has been an effective leader and shrewd negotiator for a remarkably long time now, and has been recognized as a prime candidate for promotion in her field.

We understand why it took this long, even with the praise of her superiors like Colletti, but suffice to say these sorts of decisions are going to likely look a lot different in the decades to come.

The Miami Marlins have been following the correct path for several years now, ever since Derek Jeter authorized their extreme teardown at the start of his tenure.

Every man on the roster, 1-through-25, hustles. The talent level was so high they reached the playoffs ahead of schedule in 2020 despite losing more than half their roster to a midseason coronavirus battle. And they took a massive plunge to increase the brainpower at the top of the ladder on Friday.

Nothing but wins from hereon out for a former Dodgers cornerstone. Watch out, NL East.