Dodgers Rumors: Would you approve this Josh Hader trade package?

Should the Los Angeles Dodgers leap at this potential Josh Hader trade with the Milwaukee Brewers?

If what the Brewers did at the 2019 deadline could be considered “dangling” ace Josh Hader in a potential trade, what they’re signaling in 2020 insinuates they’ve already packed his bags and simply need to fill in an address on the shipping label. If this is the case, the Dodgers should at least consider the upgrade.

After all, the only non-trustworthy area during Los Angeles’ 2020 World Series run was the back end of the bullpen. In order to secure four wins in both the NLCS and World Series, Dave Roberts was forced to drop Julio Urias into the ‘pen for extended late-game work instead of leaving him in the rotation where he belonged.

This created a ripple effect, with a few “bullpen games” initiated by Tony Gonsolin as the only real unplanned ugliness during an otherwise solid final few victories (well, there was the Brett Phillips walk-off too, but we digress).

If the Dodgers do intend to repeat, they’re going to need a better solution in end-of-game situations other than, ”Make Kenley Jansen feel good while we bench him for Blake Treinen/Unknown Plan B”. And Hader being available could change that calculus real quick, per FanSided’s Robert Murray.

According to Murray, Milwaukee is now “intent to listen” on Hader trades, and why wouldn’t they be? He’s an elite bullpen piece on a non-contending playoff team slated to make $5.1 million in arbitration, a figure that will only rise until he hits free agency in three years.

Naturally, though, this news ignited the rumor mill, with Bleacher Report immediately spitting out a series of potential trades for high-dollar teams that could thrive by using Hader’s services. Wouldn’t you know it, the Dodgers happen to be one of those!

The package they pitched seems remarkably light, considering the roster squeeze at catcher in Los Angeles: Top prospect Keibert Ruiz, 3B Edwin Rios, outfield prospect DJ Peters (No. 11 on MLB Pipeline’s list) and pitching prospect Andre Jackson.

So, would you do that if you’re the Dodgers? Honestly, we’d leap at it if the forward-thinking Brewers came to us with that proposition; let’s just maintain Austin Barnes and Will Smith behind the plate and call it a day.

Milwaukee could use a prospect who replicates Yasmani Grandal’s skill set, though, and this light offer just might satisfy them.