Dodgers reportedly could lose assistant GM to Phillies

The Los Angeles Dodgers could lose front office lieutenant Jeff Kingston to the Philadelphia Phillies.

When you’re a franchise as successful as the Los Angeles Dodgers, losing talent to the opposition is simply one of the costs of doing business.

Everybody wants to talk to the people who helped build a potential dynasty, and said dynasty is going to have to shrug off losing ancillary pieces every so often.

It comes as no surprise that, with a few high-profile GM openings still remaining in MLB, some Dodgers-centric names have joined the conversation, and it looks like the Phillies are following in the Angels’ footsteps in considering assistant GM Jeff Kingston for their top honor.

When they start mentioning Dickinson College ties, you know it’s serious (130 miles is kind of a lot of miles, though?).

Kingston arrived in Los Angeles in Dec. 2018 courtesy of the Seattle Mariners, with which he held the same role and reported to Trader Jerry Dipoto. His two seasons in Hollywood have featured two of the greatest collections of talent in franchise history — one of which delivered on their ultimate promise, and one of which clattered to the turf a few rounds too early. Not his fault, though!

The Angels recently considered hiring Kingston, but he didn’t make the team’s list of five finalists, while the job ultimately went to Braves exec Perry Minasian.

If Kingston lands the job in Philadelphia, he’ll be inheriting a roster that most believe should be a playoff contender, though the bullpen is bereft of talent and he’ll be faced with a JT Realmuto conundrum immediately upon taking the job. No pressure or anything.

If you’re going to go from the front office of the World Champions to the head gig anywhere, though, Philadelphia is a fairly cushy and star-studded place to do so. Don’t expect the fan base to be very forgiving, though that’s nothing he hasn’t experienced with the frustrated Dodgers rooters.