Former Dodgers pitcher’s Astros lawsuit is gaining steam

Former Dodgers pitcher Mike Bolsinger is stepping up his legal strategy against the cheating Houston Astros thanks to Jeff Luhnow.

It’s been the better part of 2020 since we’ve heard any details of former Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger’s lawsuit against the cheating Houston Astros, but as the year wraps, we’ve got momentum, people.

Bolsinger’s efforts have been buoyed in recent weeks by former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow’s legal challenges after his dismissal. And while we don’t necessarily want to root for Luhnow to succeed after the operation he oversaw caused these problems in the first place, the more legal heat the Astros are under, the better.

Bolsinger’s hearing is reportedly set for Feb. 1, and his suit alleges that the Astros’ complex scheme of banging and whistling ruined his final chance at holding onto an MLB job.

Whether the allegations will hold up in a court of law or not, he’s objectively correct.

Bolsinger’s final game in MLB was the Astros game that featured the highest number of recorded trash can bangs in 2017; the ex-Dodger allowed four earned runs in 0.1 innings pitched as a member of the Blue Jays.

He never clawed back to the game’s highest level after that.

Perhaps his motion was uniquely susceptible to the center field camera’s position?

Luhnow’s lawsuit, filed in recent weeks, targets Astros owner Jim Crane and the team, and alleges he was used as a scapegoat to avoid punishment for the full roster. Somehow, Luhnow has become the only Astros figure to be permanently exiled from the bigs — both Alex Cora and AJ Hinch have grabbed managerial jobs this offseason, and Cora has inexplicably returned to his old post in Boston. Perhaps that’s a lawsuit for a different day.

Bolsinger’s hopped on Luhnow’s claims that Crane had full knowledge of his team’s scheme, and that could hand him a better chance at victory when the court convenes on Feb. 1. Whether you’re a Dodgers fan or not, the world will be watching.