Dodgers: Celebrate Vin Scully’s birthday with his call of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game

Celebrate Vin Scully’s 93rd birthday with his iconic call of Dodgers star Sandy Koufax’s perfect game.

Being a Dodgers fan means you were lucky enough to grow up being calmed down and rocked to sleep by Vin Scully’s melodious voice.

And even though he’s no longer taking his lunchpail to work every day at the ripe old age of 93, Scully remains a monolithic figure in the Dodgers family. After all, when it came time to snag a narrator for the team’s 2020 World Series video, there was no other man to call.

So, on this historic day of Scully’s birth, how better to remember him than by listening to his calls from the good old days? Luckily, the Dodgers had the foresight to put together a spectacular montage that properly honors the voice of several generations.

He’s a special man with a special talent.

We’re all used to his iconic call of the Kirk Gibson home run during Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, but there’s perhaps no better example of the confluence of Scully’s voice and on-field talent than when he got the chance to call Sandy Koufax’s exploits.

Listening to Scully announce the final out of Koufax’s near-effortless perfect game is an excellent throwback, and it really makes Dodgers history feel…real. Like, yes, the guy who was calling games just a few years ago really did get to see Koufax in action and describe his herculean feats to the masses.

The connective tissue between the early days of black and white television and the Dodgers’ move to Hollywood all the way to literally, like, Matt Kemp and Joc Pederson was Scully. That connection only becomes more incredible to behold when you see it laid out like this.

From Koufax to Kershaw, from Drysdale to Buehler and Roseboro to Will Smith, the Dodgers’ legacy bleeds on through the decades.

Luckily, we’ve always had Scully to guide us.