Dodgers: Rockies GM’s latest Nolan Arenado update is music to our ears

Dodgers fans will love all the uncertainty leaking out of Colorado about next steps for Nolan Arenado.

If the Los Angeles Dodgers miss out on a Nolan Arenado trade, it certainly won’t be because Rockies ownership fell in love with their star third baseman all over again and gave him a big, sloppy hug.

When approached on Wednesday about recent conversations with his all-world third baseman, Rockies GM Jeff Bridich seemed just as frosty as ever.

Apparently, reports of their mended relationship may have been premature?

Ah, so…nothing to discuss, or nothing has happened whatsoever? Just…complete silence between a GM and his most prominent player, who’s demanded a trade in the not-so-distant past? Source of great friction, previously? Not ringing a bell?

This is bleak, but if there’s a complete stalemate in Colorado, that only increases the Dodgers’ chances of stepping in and correcting a desperate situation in their own division.

If Arenado and Bridich had maintained a solid working relationship and were operating in tandem, you’d assume the GM would be keen on sending him anywhere but Los Angeles.

But if there’s still some anger simmering there, it could go one of two ways. Either Bridich will never reward his star third baseman by sending him to what is believed to be his preferred destination, or he’ll simply bite the bullet and accept the strongest return package, seeing as there’s no future in Denver.

If you ask us, it still feels like this isn’t happening without the Dodgers being forced into a massive overpay.

But hey, there’s always a benefit to discord within the division, even if you aren’t the direct beneficiary of a disgruntled superstar’s trade demand.

Hopefully, as the new year approaches, these two sides will get back to talking and figuring out a way to mend this relationship — preferably, a way that involves its complete dissolution.