This Dodgers-Yankees trade involving Gleyber Torres and Gavin Lux could work

Dodgers INF Gavin Lux (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Dodgers INF Gavin Lux (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Perhaps the Yankees and Dodgers can work out a blockbuster deal.

This baby would get the MLB hot stove cranking, with the Winter Meetings being as quiet as ever entering the third day of action. Fans are aware the Los Angeles Dodgers could be poised for a big move given the uncertainty surrounding their infield. Will Justin Turner return? Will Corey Seager sign an extension? Is Gavin Lux going to play second?

Similarly, the New York Yankees are enduring some infield conundrums of their own. Will DJ LeMahieu return to the Bronx to play second base? Is Gleyber Torres truly the shortstop of the future after his struggles were magnified in 2020?

Maybe there’s a way for both of these teams to help each other out. Let’s talk a major blockbuster, shall we? And we’re not entirely advocating for this — it’s more so connecting the dots based on both of these teams’ needs and current situations.

Dodgers-Yankees Hypothetical Trade

  • Dodgers get: Gleyber Torres and Adam Ottavino
  • Yankees get: Gavin Lux, Dustin May OR Julio Urias

Here’s the logic. The Yankees can get themselves a young shortstop of the future who can hit from the left side of the plate to pair with LeMahieu (assuming he returns) in the middle infield. While Lux is in the same position as Gleyber in terms of the organization being seemingly unsure if he’s a better fit at second or shortstop, perhaps Lux can benefit knowing that he’ll be a surefire shortstop rather than a type of utility guy.

But Torres is worlds better than Lux right now, so the Yankees, who are in dire need of starting pitching, would likely ask for another controllable impact arm. In this scenario, Dodgers fans would have to expect Dustin May or Julio Urias to go. Both would drastically improve the Yankees’ rotation and if any team can take a hit to its pitching staff, it’s the Dodgers.

Some may think that’s excessive, but that was the same asking price last offseason for two years of control for Francisco Lindor.

As for the Dodgers, getting a guy like Torres would allow them to solidify their infield plans in the form of a huge upgrade now that they don’t have to experiment with Lux. Extend Corey Seager, put Torres at second base, and you have one of the best middle infields for the next 4-5 years without question, especially since Torres has looked better at second base. And given that Torres pretty much costs nothing under team control, this move may not affect the re-signing of Turner.

Additionally, the Yankees, who are looking to refine their bullpen, would give the Dodgers Adam Ottavino, who could be a great fit with LA. Though the right-hander has largely fallen out of favor in New York, we’ve seen how the Dodgers maximize talent and potential in the bullpen, and his one-of-a-kind slider could be utilized in an advantageous way. He’ll cost $9 million for 2021, so perhaps the Yankees send over $2-3 million in the deal given his recent performance.

You may love this. You may hate this. It all depends how you view Lux’s future with the team as well as how valuable May or Urias are to the pitching staff moving forward. But with No. 1 pitching prospect Josiah Gray expected to hit MLB soon, one of those leaving may not matter a whole lot.

Nonetheless, arguably the top powerhouse in each league striking a deal like this would put the offseason on its head.