Dodgers should avoid Trevor Bauer as allegations mount

Trevor Bauer, Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer, Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Dodgers should steer clear of Trevor Bauer — in fact, they always should’ve.

The Los Angeles Dodgers should’ve known who Trevor Bauer was all along.

In fact, they likely did. It never took much due diligence, after all, to seek out the immature Bauer’s many missives directed at innocent women and pointless tween trolls over the past few years, as the man himself repeatedly derailed his efforts to “build a brand” with his own whiny hubris.

The Mets made a fatal error not talking to a single female who’d ever met Jared Porter before prior to naming him their GM; the Dodgers wouldn’t even have to seek one out to get a character report on Bauer. His behavior, and the harassing rallying cry taken up by his army, is all very much still out in the open.

And so, as the Dodgers remain among the “favorites” for Bauer, alongside the Mets and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, allow us to say: No.

Let Bauer take his immaturity to Disneyland.

Do not approach the luxury tax to pay a steam-filled, eternally online relic of the Trump presidency to fill a rotation spot; the Dodgers have far too much depth to even look in this direction, once all personality factors are mixed into the equation.

Spilling ink to unnecessarily detail Bauer’s transgressions is pointless here; no more attention must be brought to the names of the women left in the wake of his verbal tornadoes who simply want to forget the man exists.

I’ll allow Ken Davidoff of the New York Post to describe his most egregious actions, names excluded:

"The most glaring example, one that I admittedly hadn’t fully digested previously, occurred in January 2019 when Bauer engaged in a Twitter battle with a female college student, whose name won’t be reported here in the interest of protecting her from further attacks. What began as seemingly playful trash talk quickly escalated into something much darker, as Bauer (who currently has over 414,000 followers on the platform) researched the woman’s Twitter timeline to find and retweet posts of her drinking alcohol before her 21st birthday.In all, over a span of three days, Bauer tweeted at least 17 times either directly at the woman or at others while discussing her and the argument. Predictably, the woman has said that she endured considerable abuse from Bauer’s followers."

This is not a “sudden revelation” derailing the progress of Bauer’s negotiations; it’s simply some outspoken advocates attempting to get Major League Baseball’s attention with information we’ve known all along — though, judging by the pace of the Bauer conversation, it’s possible every franchise was reticent about his addition anyway.

But with Walker Buehler’s extension, a Justin Turner contract, Kiké Hernández’s replacement and a Corey Seager contract all very much on the docket, there is no reason for the Dodgers to start doing mental gymnastics about how to swallow all the razor blades that come with a Bauer addition.

He’ll get paid. They always get paid. But don’t let the check bear our address.