Dodgers: Alanna Rizzo puts Twitter harasser on blast in wake of allegations

Dodgers Nation was devastated when broadcaster Alanna Rizzo announced she’d be stepping down from her position and pursuing other endeavors.

The timing seemed bizarre. Los Angeles had just won the World Series and she was among the most recognized reporters in all of baseball.

But we later learned that she dealt with harassment/inappropriate behavior from some players for years.

You’d have to assume this factored into her difficult decision to resign, even though none of the players who were responsible are in the major leagues anymore.

Rizzo claimed, however, that she was “well taken care of” by the Dodgers and has “no ill will” towards the organization. But her revealing these incidents has put a target on her back when it comes to internet trolls.

Exhibit A: Albert Vargas.

He thought this idiotic diatribe would be constructive.

Good for Rizzo for putting this guy on blast. It’s none of his business — or anybody’s — what she’s wearing during her interviews. Unfortunately for Mr. Vargas, he also doesn’t have any right to dress Rizzo. And if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to watch.

More importantly, this sums up what women have to deal with in a male-dominated industry such as Major League Baseball, and Rizzo is brave for bringing her issues to light, especially as one of the most successful women in her field. Just because you’re more well-known doesn’t mean you’re safe from all of the behind-the-scenes nonsense most people don’t hear about.

And on top of that, many women are subject to know-nothings with really, really bad opinions on social media.

Nonetheless, Rizzo has welcomed her replacement, Kirsten Watson, to the Dodgers family, and has hopefully paved a better road for the women who come after her.

Because you can now bet the organization will be on high alert for such situations in the future, and unwelcome incidents like these will hopefully result in swift punishment.