Dodgers: Trevor Bauer and Noah Syndergaard get into hilarious Twitter war

Trevor Bauer meets with the media after his first spring training start on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020 at Salt River Fields.Thumbnail Bauer
Trevor Bauer meets with the media after his first spring training start on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020 at Salt River Fields.Thumbnail Bauer /

Somebody’s sour Trevor Bauer didn’t sign with their team!

We all know how the star pitcher’s free agency went.

There was a “debacle” on his website that “accidentally” featured signed New York Mets gear prior to Bauer making his official decision, leading many to believe he had joined Jacob deGrom in Queens.

Not too long after, Bauer announced his move to the Los Angeles Dodgers and then later apologized to Mets fans for the mistake, but it didn’t really sit well with anyone.

You’re the biggest free agent on the market. How do you let something like that happen?

Either way, it’s over and done with, but Mets starter Noah Syndergaard decided to take a shot at Bauer on Friday night, which ended up pitting the two against one another in a good old fashioned Twitter war.

That’s … admittedly very good. But clearly Bauer might have some real estate in Thor’s head!

In case you forgot, to make amends after misleading thousands of people, Bauer promised to donate to a number of New York charities — a very nice gesture. But Syndergaard decided to poke fun at that, and Bauer didn’t exactly see any “fun” in it.

Not only did he have a very matter-of-fact response, he then called out Syndergaard for putting some fans on blast on Instagram.

Considering we’ve seen Bauer call out his fair share of haters, we’re not entirely sure why this was the rebuttal, but it made for good entertainment nonetheless.

Though Bauer lightly addressed the online harassment allegations he’s faced in his introductory press conference with the Dodgers and said he “learned from his past mistakes,” he failed to go beyond that, claiming that it “wasn’t the right forum” to do so. Seemed like a pretty good forum to clear the air!

Also, Bauer’s harassment allegations were much different than Syndergaard putting hateful fans in their place, but we don’t need to get into that.

Regardless, it’s safe to say these two reached a point where it was mutually assured destruction.

But it quickly turned around. Syndergaard took one more jab, Bauer played along, and it seems everything is fine now? Eh, we won’t go that far. Now we fully need to see these two duke it out on the mound at some point in 2021.

We’ll take that date, but it’ll have to wait until August. The Mets and Dodgers will face off six times between Aug. 14-21. Dave Roberts and Luis Rojas can do us all a nice favor by lining up these guys to start against each other for one of those contests.

Until then, keep digging guys!