Dodgers: Max Muncy’s comment on 2020 ‘celebration’ will fire up fans

Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers , Cody Bellinger (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers , Cody Bellinger (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The city of Los Angeles was blessed with dueling champions in 2020, as both the Dodgers and Lakers took home their respective crowns.

If only they had chosen any other year to bring home the hardware.

Though Angelinos can’t be too picky, neither team was able to play in front of packed home stadiums after the middle of March, and the titles were polished off in the Orlando NBA bubble and a brand-new stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Totally enjoyable, but not how they drew it up.

Perhaps most painfully of all, neither team had a parade of any sort (for good reason). Not even a boat parade for Corey Seager to get Tom Brady Wasted at.

How do the Dodgers plan to rectify that and bring their fans the moment they deserve? A secret plan for a summer celebration with Eric Garcetti, perhaps? A dual day of festivities?

Maybe that could work, but Max Muncy would rather just…win the whole damned thing again.

Max Muncy wants a real Dodgers celebration in 2021.

Well, that’s one way to handle your business! And we’re sure Muncy isn’t alone here. “Let’s win another title, huh?” seems to be a popular opinion in both the Dodgers dugout and front office, something that many MLB franchises can’t legitimately argue entering this season.

Unsatisfied with their title-winning rotation in 2020, while also welcoming back David Price this time around, LA imported NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer to help them out for Round 2.

Something tells us he won’t shy away from a celebration when the moment arises, either.

Muncy’s fervor will not be lost on Dodgers fans entering a season where they’ll finally be able to enter their friendly confines once again — at some point.

When Opening Day arrives, things may still be a bit strange, and the team’s massive parking lot seems likely to remain a vaccination and testing facility.

But when the time is right, this city will be more than ready to scream in unison again.

Taking a cue from Muncy, shall we say early November?