Dodgers’ classy gesture with Andrew Toles’ contract was the right thing to do

Andrew Toles, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Andrew Toles, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Andrew Toles hasn’t played for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2018 and his absence from the team has been among the most troubling stories in baseball.

Toles was jailed back in June of 2020 for trespassing when he was found sleeping behind a FedEx building in Key West, Florida.

When he was booked at the police station, his address was listed as the “streets of Key West.”

His family has since revealed that the former outfielder “needs help” after being homeless and hospitalized for what was believed to be serious mental health issues.

Toles’ sister told USA Today that he had been in over 20 mental health facilities since 2019.

Absolutely gutting. This was a former MLB player who had an epic performance in the 2016 NLCS against the Chicago Cubs. He was a nationally-recognized player during the Dodgers postseason run that year.

Thankfully, Toles is getting help from his former employer. The Dodgers have renewed his contract (though he won’t see any of his salary) so he could keep his health benefits and seek the help he needs.

A classy move, but also the right move. As a human, it’s the only move, especially if you’re a multi-billion dollar organization to provide the necessary assistance.

We should applaud this move, but then again, we should expect this decision from such a powerful entity such as the Dodgers. After all, we need more positivity in the world. And with the internal struggles of athletes becoming more and more documented, it’s clear that they’re as relatable to the everyday person.

Toles is still just 28 years old and appeared in only 96 games for the Dodgers from 2016-2018. His problems have followed him throughout his career, though. The warning signs were there. He was dismissed from the University of Tennessee baseball team in 2011; was suspended shortly into his next venture with Chipola College; and was finally released by the Rays in 2015 for disciplinary reasons (he was drafted by them in 2012).

The Dodgers are at least doing what they can to help and all we can hope is Toles finds a new path to help put these troubles behind him.