Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw welcomes Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles

Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Not many people around the country can say this, but the last calendar year has been incredibly kind to Los Angeles Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw.

For starters, the Dodgers finally getting over the championship hump last season did wonders in terms of cementing his status as one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history.

As far as the greatest hurler of his generation is concerned, that debate is also over.

Though we haven’t heard much from Kershaw throughout the offseason, he was on the receiving end on some flattering news when it was reported that the Los Angeles Rams traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford, his childhood best friend.

Terms of the trade have been set in stone for a while, but they didn’t become official until Wednesday following the start of the NFL’s new league year.

In celebration of the deal’s confirmation, Kershaw, while holding up his friend’s new jersey, welcomed Stafford to Los Angeles in an awesome message tweeted out by the Dodgers.

Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw is thrilled to have childhood friend Matthew Stafford playing in Los Angeles now.

For those unaware — and most Dodgers fans are probably tired of hearing this by now — Kershaw and Stafford grew up together in Texas and they were even teammates on their high school’s respective football and baseball teams.

It sounds crazy given how Kershaw’s baseball career has panned out, but he was once Stafford’s center, meaning he snapped the football to him on every down. If that isn’t the foundation of an unbreakable friendship, then what is?

The two superstars have spent the totality of their pro careers up until this point playing in entirely different areas of the country (Stafford in Detroit and Kershaw in LA), but that’s about to change and you can bet their bromance is about to reach a whole new level of awesome in 2021.

It’s heartwarming to know Kershaw and Stafford are reuniting on the west coast, and you can bet the Dodgers left-hander will post another video to social media when they eventually link up in person.

After that? Well, if their schedules allow it, expect them to attend several of each other’s games this upcoming season as Dodger Stadium and So-Fi Stadium are separated by less than 20 miles.

They might not be next-door neighbors, but it sure beats being on opposite sides of the country.