Dodgers: We officially have craziest LAD 2021 season projection yet

Dodgers SS Corey Seager Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dodgers SS Corey Seager Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Dodgers are about to lay waste to the rest of Major League Baseball in their quest for a full-season repeat to justify their short-season title.

The only question remaining is just how damaging they’re about to be.

Before the season gets kicked off, we’ve been having an endlessly hilarious time combing through the various projection systems that have tried to reckon with the Dodgers’ greatness.

Some robots might have it right, some might be miscalculating, but objectively they all seem overwhelmed by the talent on this roster. And we might just have found the funniest one of all, days before the season is set to begin.

ESPN let a computer do the talking for their Plus subscribers on Monday (subscription only), but luckily, MLB insider Buster Olney summed up the math for us real concisely in one disbelieving tweet.

Yes, an algorithm built for this exact purpose only needed four tries before simming the 2021 Dodgers to 118 wins, an all-time record.

ESPN’s 2021 Dodgers projection got them to 118 wins with a few clicks.

Hey, you know what? Don’t hate it.

If the Dodgers managed to bulldoze the rest of baseball and get to 118 wins, they would have the added specter of the 116-win 2001 Seattle Mariners hanging over their heads, though. “Can this team really justify their win total with a championship, unlike those chumps?” we’d hear.

It’d basically be the “Gonzaga attempting a perfect season” of World Series chases. Do Dodgers fans really want that?

Ah. Hmm. I’m hearing a universal, loud “Yes”. Carry on!

Every Dodgers projection for this season is utterly silly, but in terms of sheer goofiness, we’re still partial to the FanGraphs individual player rankings. In that assessment of the team’s talent, LA has a top-10 player at every single position. Five teams don’t even have one of those!

Don’t worry, we’ve got ’em all covered!

In a few days, these projections will largely be rendered moot once the games leap off paper onto the playing field in what should be a special season in Hollywood.

How special, though? Hat tip to the math gurus here, because we really hope they’re right. We could use an upper-echelon, record-setting season for sure.