Dodgers’ schedule for first homestand packed with celebrations

You win the World Series, you get to gloat about it when the next season starts. That’s how it works. And after getting largely shut out of the action last fall, Dodgers fans will learn that the easy way when they return to Dodger Stadium this weekend.

Hey, whose bright idea was it to have the defending champs open in Coors Field anyway?

MLB just getting this team’s stars geared up for the All-Star Game or what?

Let’s let bygones be bygones though, Dodgers fans. Because the team just announced their schedule of events for this weekend against the Washington Nationals, and they’ve covered all their bases.

And yes, they’ll be rocking the gold jerseys every single day.

Los Angeles Dodgers fans have a lot of celebrations planned this weekend.

Friday night, the banner will be raised, and although we’d rather be celebrating it in front of a full house, rest assured 33% capacity can still cause a ruckus.

(Also, don’t be shocked if LA celebrates this team yet again in the future in front of a packed crowd, perhaps when Kiké Hernández or Joc Pederson return. Don’t rule it out.)

Your Dodgers will be rocking the gold jerseys for that hotly-anticipated contest, and you can purchase that swag yourself if you can hoof it to the stadium store.

Oh, but did you think the World Series celebration was the only thing we had plotted? Because you’re plainly incorrect.

On Saturday, Tommy Lasorda will get his due before first pitch with a celebration fit for a Dodger Blue-bleeding icon. One of Lasorda’s final public appearances involved watching the Dodgers during their World Series quest in Texas (who’s shocked?) and he’s going to get one hell of a hand prior to Saturday’s game.

Sunday? Well, it’s the 40th anniversary of Fernandomania! Who feels old? Don’t answer that. Please don’t.

Fernando Valenzuela’s insane 1981 rookie campaign helped define the Dodgers’ World Series run that season, a year in which they finally turned back the hated Yankees on the game’s biggest stage.

Fittingly, both Julio Urias and Victor Gonzalez — two other Mexican standouts — helped usher in Los Angeles’ Hollywood victory last fall, connecting the generations once again.

Get to the stadium this weekend three times, if you can. Rock the gold.