Dodgers: Trevor Bauer trolling ump for awful call in Brewers-Marlins game is gold

Say what you want about Los Angeles Dodgers co-ace Trevor Bauer, but the man pays attention to the game.

Heading into the team’s series with the Milwaukee Brewers, he was clearly in the know about the umpiring crew from the previous series at American Family Field between the Brew Crew and the Miami Marlins.

The baseball world saw two of the worst calls of the season a couple of days ago and Bauer took notice.

He made sure he was prepared when running over to first base to cover the bag.

On Wednesday, Brewers pitcher Zack Godley was called for interference on arguably the most egregious ruling we’ve ever seen.

Check it out:

The runner was out by a mile. Godley never even came close to him. And he made an effort to get out of the way as the runner started to make his way down the line. How could you possibly extend an inning with a call like this?

So, in a close game on Thursday night (the Dodgers ended up losing, 2-1), Bauer wasn’t taking any chances. When catcher Omar Narvaez grounded out to first and Bauer sprinted over to cover, Max Muncy handled the business.

When Bauer saw that, he made sure to back off immediately and have a funny moment with the ump to ensure he wasn’t interfering. Can’t be giving away free baserunners in a scoreless game!

Looks at the ump and puts his arms in the air. Perfect. Gotta make sure!

Just add this to the list of all the good moments Bauer has already delivered in the first month of the season. He’s certainly making the game more entertaining, regardless of how subtle his trolling is. At the very least, someone will pick it up on social media and it’ll make its rounds.

Now all he needs is some run support during his outings and Bauer will be well on his way to putting forth a tremendous season both on and off the field.