Dodgers: Padres fan mocking Trevor Bauer’s walk is low-key savage

Trevor Bauer. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

If you’re planning to hit the clubs to get a taste of post-pandemic summer lovin’ and (vaccinated!) fun, Dodgers fans, don’t be surprised when you see this dance go viral.

It’s called: The Bauer Walk.

You can do it like this: raise one arm in front of you as if it were a squiggly octopus tentacle, bending your elbow so your forearm is just about perpendicular to your upper.

Then, lower that arm and simultaneously raise the other arm doing the same motion. And repeat.

If you need a visual, check out this expert video which features both Bauer and a mocking Padres fan modeling the signature maneuver.

We have to admit, we chuckled at this.

Dodgers starter Trevor Bauer got his signature walk mocked by a Padres fan.

Side note: for extra pizzazz, perform this dance while watching a baseball game in which that one very outspoken and notorious Dodgers pitcher is playing.

In Wednesday’s Dodgers-Padres game, a rare matchup that featured zero theatrics, kerfuffles, or bench-clearing incidents, LA fell 5-3 in a lukewarm performance by the one and only Trevor Bauer.

It was Bauer’s first start since MLB’s real crackdown on foreign substances, and all things considered, he pitched well and recorded 10 strikeouts in six innings. But then again, he did give up three home runs – one to nemesis Manny Machado – and he couldn’t help but do a sissy-pissy walk (as gloriously captured in the video above) when he was replaced by Blake Treinen at the bottom of the seventh inning.

This Padres fan making fun of Trevor Bauer is the LOL highlight of the week

If you peer closely enough, it almost looks like the Padres fan mocking Bauer’s walk is high – riding the high of the Padres’ lead, that is.

And you really have to wonder what was going through Bauer’s head as his limbs flailed on each side. Was it, “Thank God the umps didn’t find anything on me.” Or maybe, “I’m gonna tweet something real spicy about Machado tonight.” Or possibly just the simplest thought he could have expressed, “Tatis is a slimy rat.”

What seems to be a perfectly normal strut to the average viewer is also just comedic fodder and premium “troll” content for Bauer’s haters. But hey, don’t dish it if you can’t take it, right?

In total, Bauer has now given up six homers in 18 innings in his three starts against the Padres this year. While he can go home and sleep at night knowing that he was able to shut down Tatis Jr. this game, striking him out twice, he and every other Dodger knows how humiliating the Padres’ sweep was. It’s San Diego’s first sweep of the Dodgers since 2013, and yesterday’s game marks the seventh time in eight games that the Padres have beaten their new rivals.

Los Angeles will have to do better to win the division, as they’re currently four games behind the first place San Francisco Giants.

In the meantime, for more low-key savage content, check out Twitter video highlights related to the “sticky substance” headache that the league has given to…basically the entire baseball world. Joe Kelly handed over his goggles to an ump because they were “sick,” Max Scherzer was recently heated about umps checking for substances in the middle of his pitching routine, and Sergio Romo went to pretty hilarious measures to comply with his ump’s crackdown on the sticky stuff.

This Padres fan’s “dance” video is a cut above the rest since it’s not making a statement about league rules or any of that. It’s just a fan, standing in Petco Park, making fun of Bauer. And it’s absolutely priceless.

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