Dodgers fans fight each other in stands during Giants beatdown

The sum total of the fight the Los Angeles Dodgers displayed Monday night against the San Francisco Giants came in the bottom half of the first inning, with back-to-back home runs to slice their deficit from 3-0 to 3-2.

Unfortunately, the on-field battle largely ended there, with the road Giants pulling well ahead 7-2 and putting the effortless finishing touches on yet another statement.

As often seems to be the case when the product on the diamond is subpar, the action turned to the stands, where Dodgers fans were pitted against each other in a contest to see who could more effectively knock the memory of the game out of each others’ heads.

For one night only, it actually kind of seemed like a good idea.

Midway through the sleepy middle innings of the eventual defeat, which pushed LA a recently-unfathomable three games in the loss column behind the Giants, two factions of Dodgers fans went at it down the right-field foul line.

We wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather watch this than any highlight package.

Dodgers fans fought each other while the team was losing to the Giants.

Not exactly the welcome to the second half we were hoping for, huh? Sure, the first two games were nice, but one Kenley Jansen blown save and one feckless outing against San Francisco later, and a three-game LC deficit feels a little more first half-ish than we were hoping for.

As far as the fight goes, we give it a four out of 10, with a lot more bark than bite. Special shoutout to the fellow in the Clayton Kershaw jersey for showing up late to the game, immediately whiffing on a punch, then prompting a classic “hold ‘im back”!

This mini-brawl certainly added insult to a day of injury, where Gavin Lux’s IL trip and potential Corey Seager/Josiah Gray activations carried the headlines for a few hours.

One dull loss later, though, and we’d all rather judge fight clips than talk baseball.

Hopefully, when play resumes on Tuesday night, the on-field Dodgers will go after their rivals instead of themselves, and won’t take any cues from the crowd.