Dodgers: This trade package could land Max Scherzer and Daniel Hudson

Andrew Friedman and the Los Angeles Dodgers might take this one down to the wire, but expect there to be notable trade deadline additions.

You’ve heard about the rumors connecting them to the Chicago Cubs.

Could Craig Kimbrel be on the way to LA? What about Kris Bryant? Kyle Hendricks?!

It seems Friedman is casting a wide net, because he’s also reportedly talking to the Washington Nationals about Max Scherzer and reliever Daniel Hudson — two players that would fill two separate voids on the pitching staff.

We’ve already examined what it might take to land a Kimbrel/Hendricks package. Spoiler alert: it’ll be expensive since both of those guys are controllable in 2022 and beyond.

Would a Scherzer/Hudson package better suit Friedman’s stomach in regards to parting with young talent?

What would a Dodgers trade package for Max Scherzer and Daniel Hudson look like?

This sort of deal might even be more important for the Dodgers because the Giants and Padres are also rumored to be in on Scherzer as the NL West arms race heats up. Acquiring the three-time Cy Young winner would also allow the Dodgers to steal from their rivals.

As for Hudson, same deal. San Francisco and San Diego are eyeing the relief market too. You wouldn’t want them getting a back-end bullpen arm with World Series experience, would you?

The other plus here? Both Scherzer and Hudson are rentals, so the price would be considerably cheaper. Leave the more expensive options for the Giants and Pads! Let them get stuck surrendering more talent and absorbing more money.

So who could the Dodgers comfortably part with to land this combo of pitchers from the Nationals?

Dodgers Get: SP Max Scherzer and RP Daniel Hudson

Nationals Get: 2B/SS Gavin Lux and RP Brusdar Graterol

Those Graterol rumors threw us for a loop, too, but if they’re indeed true, it’s another asset the Dodgers can afford to part with. As for Lux, he’s proved to be dispensable on this current team. LA has gotten by with his weak production, as well as without him completely. Plus, the presence of top prospect Michael Busch will ease the pain. There’s no sense sitting on Lux any longer if the front office isn’t confident in his future with the organization. That runs the risk of him losing even more value.

From the Nationals’ perspective, this gives them two legitimate pieces to build around Juan Soto. Lux is a solid middle infield piece with considerable potential and Graterol, assuming he can overcome his struggles at the moment, could be a back-end bullpen fixture for years to come. This would be a generous haul given how the rental market has plummeted in recent years.

If Dodgers fans don’t feel comfortable with this proposal, then it’s hard to justify that they’re in tune with the roster’s issues as we plow toward October.