MLB insider pitches advantageous Dodgers trade package for Matt Olson

We’ve already pitched a couple of trade packages that could work between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics, but it appears we were a bit too generous.

Take some of those prospects away! The Dodgers won’t be giving up a shred of value more than they need to. We should’ve known better.

Then again, no hypothetical trade package is ever perfect, and it’s always all dependent on the market/demand. That’s why everyone needs to stop pretending they know everything. “You’re giving up too much!” “That team would NEVER accept that!”

We’re constantly shocked by transactions made each and every offseason. We’re not saying a package of two lottery ticket prospects will be accepted for an established star, but the discussions don’t necessarily have to begin with your team’s top talent in the farm system.

Which has us realizing that Jim Bowden of The Athletic (subscription required) might be on to something with his Dodgers-A’s trade package for star first baseman Matt Olson.

Could the Dodgers be a realistic trade destination for A’s slugger Matt Olson?

He was asked, “What would it cost the Dodgers to get Matt Olson?”

Bowden replied, “Olson is an interesting trade target for the Dodgers. If I’m the A’s, I want Tony Gonsolin, Gavin Lux and Phil Bickford in return.”

Um, OK? Done deal? Where do we sign? The Athletics have some leverage given how talented Olson is, but they’re conducting a fire sale and are desperately trying to unload more expensive contracts (Olson is set to earn $12 million in his second year of arbitration eligibility in 2022). They don’t have the undisputed upper hand.

On the other hand, one could argue the Dodgers are a bit desperate, too. They’re in danger of losing a number of key players who have defined an era of Dodger baseball. Nothing’s definite at this point, but there’s a lot hanging in the balance, which indicates the team needs to look out for its best interests in the event some of their core guys don’t return for 2022.

Acquiring Olson would be a good start. He can take over at first, Max Muncy can shift over to second base, Trea Turner can move to shortstop (assuming Corey Seager goes), and Justin Turner can remain at third. If Seager returns, maybe Turner gets tossed into center field and Bellinger takes over in left. One last scenario? Muncy takes over at third, Turner goes to DH, Seager remains at short and Trea Turner stays at second.

It certainly requires a personnel shift, but the Dodgers conduct those just about every year. Nothing new. Get the top talent and figure it out after … especially if bringing Olson to LA will require that little of a package.