Dodgers beat writer pins Gavin Lux as most likely offseason trade candidate

Wondering what the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to do post-lockout, aren’t you? Letting the imagination run as wild as it has during a lockout has certainly created some unrealistic expectations. Perhaps we take a breather back in reality for a moment, yeah?

Earlier in the offseason, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman seemed to hint that Gavin Lux wouldn’t be traded before the start of the 2022 season. Made sense. Corey Seager was somewhat expected to depart. Max Muncy suffered a torn UCL. Insurance at second base was necessary with Trea Turner shifting to shortstop.

But then the Dodgers re-signed Chris Taylor to a four-year, $60 million contract, which kind of changed the complexion of the offseason.

Perhaps our previous belief suggesting Lux could be traded might become a reality if you ask one writer close to the team.

Here’s what Fabian Ardaya, the Dodgers’ beat writer for The Athletic (subscription required), wrote in his trade article:

“The question is not about Gavin Lux’s talent, but more so about fit. The departure of Corey Seager appeared to open up second base for Lux once again, and maybe it still has. But the Dodgers re-signing Chris Taylor complicates things. While Taylor won’t necessarily be the everyday second baseman…he still will get a majority of those at-bats that otherwise would go to Lux.”

Lux received some unfair criticism from fans after he was thrust into an unexpected outfield role when injuries and ineffective play engulfed the Dodgers’ 2021 roster. He made a couple of misplays in the postseason, but what did you expect when he’s played 17 career games in the outfield since making his MLB debut?

Think another rebuilding team might want to take a chance on Lux as their shortstop of the future if they’re willing to trade MLB-ready assets? Looking at you, Reds, who could very well move Luis Castillo for the right price, based on the buzz since the trade deadline.

We’re not doubting Lux might have a bright future in the big leagues, but he’s primarily been used as a second baseman due to the presence of Seager and Trea Turner. Now, with Turner likely shifting over to shortstop, it’s not out of the question that LA uses Taylor as its primary second baseman, see what teams might be willing to part with for Lux, and add elsewhere when the lockout ends.

If the organization is banking on a Cody Bellinger bounce-back and a fully healthy/productive campaign from Zach McKinstry, it’s not out of the question to ponder if Lux is the odd man out. He still has trade value, but another issue with this is that said value is arguably the lowest its ever been. Would the Dodgers be willing to part without being able to get a desired player/package in return?

It’s tough to nail down, but we’re on Lux Trade Watch if this is being mentioned by someone close to the team.