Do Dodgers fans actually want Carlos Correa if he’s a possibility?

A team like the Los Angeles Dodgers kicking the tires on as many high-profile free agents isn’t anything surprising. The organization has a ton of money and a proven commitment to winning over the last decade.

With the loss of Corey Seager, the team might be considering another infield upgrade. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a shortstop due to the presence of Trea Turner, but that’s probably where the Dodgers have the best chance to elevate the roster.

There aren’t any elite second baseman available and it’s going to be hard to bank on Freddie Freeman leaving Atlanta and then choosing LA over a number of other suitors willing to pay him big money.

That potentially leaves the Dodgers with Carlos Correa and Trevor Story as shortstop options, in which case they’d leave Turner at second base, keep Max Muncy at first, and not miss a beat without Seager. We know LA contacted Correa’s camp before the lockout, and though he’d be a tremendous addition, would Dodgers fans actually welcome him to the team?

Would Dodgers fans be on board with Carlos Correa coming to LA?

If we were to lay out a quick timeline of the ongoing feud between Correa and the Dodgers, you’d see why this pairing may pose a problem.

  • 2017: Astros cheat to defeat Dodgers in World Series
  • 2019: Dodgers alert Nationals of Astros’ sign stealing in World Series
  • 2020: Astros’ cheating scandal unearthed before season
  • 2020: Correa tells Cody Bellinger to “shut the f–k” up for criticizing Astros after scandal fallout
  • 2020: Joe Kelly throws at Correa, strikes him out, talks trash, and causes benches to clear
  • 2021: Correa returns to Dodger Stadium, homers off Joe Kelly in a Dodgers’ win, taunts crowd while crossing home plate

Truth be told, it’s no surprise that some fans out there want him to have nothing to do with the Dodgers. Free agency has played a role in breaking barriers with rivalries, but it’s good to know there are people out there willing to hold a grudge forever and keep the bad blood intact.

Then again, there’s always the possibility Correa could help play a role in helping the Dodgers consistently get over the hump in the postseason. Outside of 2020, LA has fallen flat on its face more times than we can count in October, but Correa seems to have the clutchest of clutch genes.

And now with Kelly gone and Bellinger’s future with the team uncertain after an all-time awful campaign in 2021, maybe this locker room would be able to get behind the idea of Correa holding down the fort on the left side of the infield for the next 8-10 years.

The verdict? Fans might want nothing to do with the Astros free agent at the moment, but they’ll likely warm up to the idea when he’s out-producing Seager at arguably the most important position on the field.