Trea Turner’s comment on Juan Soto gets Dodgers fans pumped about trade

After a three-game set in Philadelphia, the Los Angeles Dodgers traveled down to the nation’s capital to face the Nationals, and it’s the first time since Trea Turner is returning to Nationals Park since last year’s blockbuster trade deadline deal.

In 2022, Dodgers fans are hoping for another blockbuster, but this time in the form of Turner’s ex-teammate Juan Soto, who is wasting away with the Nats as the team has yet to offer him an extension that aligns with his superstardom.

It’s far from a foregone conclusion, but if the Nationals decide to trade the generational star, there’s little reason to think the Dodgers wouldn’t be involved in the discussions. They’re one of the richest organizations in the sport and have one of the best farm systems.

For a team that’s constantly in World Series contention, it’s hard to rule the Dodgers out of any trade deadline rumors, especially with how Andrew Friedman both operates glamorously out in the open and also more stealthy than you can imagine behind closed doors.

At least now we know he and the front office got Turner’s seal of approval should Soto become an eventual trade target after the shortstop commented on wanting to play with his former teammate ahead of the series opener on Monday.

Look at that! Even putting his potential future contract extension in jeopardy! Now THAT’S a true teammate with an objective opinion.

Dodgers’ Trea Turner said he likes the idea of playing with Juan Soto again

Turner and Soto won a World Series together in 2019 when they took down the Houston Astros and played alongside one another for about the equivalent of three full seasons.

Last year during the postseason, Soto was present at Dodger Stadium for the NL Wild Card Game between the Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals wearing a Turner Nationals jersey while shouting both Turner and Max Scherzer out on Twitter during the game.

By no means does that tell us anything other than Turner obviously still has a close relationship with Soto and could potentially serve as positive factor if the Dodgers entertain trade talks with the Nats.

It serves as a pleasant preview for what might come, too. Dodgers fans can get (cautiously) excited about this potential reality over the next two months with little nuggets such as this extending the crumb trail linking LA with one of the best young players in baseball

Unfortunately for Turner, though, if Soto were to come to the Dodgers, he’ll only get to play with him for a couple months because that means the Dodgers would have a new list of financial priorities to assess.