Dodgers drop bizarre promo for Trea Turner ‘slide’ bobblehead

Bobbleheads are in the midst of a resurgence these days — did they ever really leave? — so it doesn’t take too much coaxing to get fans out to the ballpark to snag ’em. The Dodgers clearly took this advice to heart while filming the promo package for their upcoming Trea Turner giveaway.

Memorializing Turner’s famous slide against the Phillies last summer (and many other times, too — Turner’s a special kind of ballplayer), the doll features the Dodgers star slickly puffing up a cloud of dirt, smoothly scuttling past the plate.

Sounds like a must-have, right? Well, you’re going to really want to get your hands on one after you see the promo video, featuring some random child actors, Turner’s doll sliding past the beach (but no other locations), and the ceramic figurine finally plinking to the ground, dangerously close to the All-Star’s swing path.

Oh, yeah, and it has a working mouth and lips. Enjoy!

Dodgers’ Trea Turner is still the best slider in baseball

If you’re interested in your very own bobblehead, they’ll be available at the gates on June 30 to help distract you from the fact that the evening’s matchup with the Padres could actually be quite stressful. They’re free at the door or $50-60 online from a bunch of weirdos who hoarded them at the game! A real win-win.

For as little sense as the children at the top of the promo made, their performance was still preferable to the moment Adult Trea confronted Bobblehead Trea, who admitted he’s been “sliding like this for years” with a vintage Conan O’Brian-style dubbed-over mouth. No further questions! A very pleasant fever dream.

Turner the Genuine Artifact really is one hell of a runner. So fast, in fact, that he might be able to outrun the weird vibes of this promo video.

For someone so smooth, this video was decidedly anything but.

We’re still going to slide into Dodger Stadium and grab one of these, but the clip made that proposal decidedly less appealing.