Dodgers can reel in Marlins’ Garrett Cooper with this trade package

There are several directions that the Los Angeles Dodgers could go during the 2022 trade deadline. Whether the team makes several smaller moves or one massive move for someone like Juan Soto, reinforcements should be on the way.

One All-Star the Dodgers do have reported interest in is Miami Marlins infielder Garrett Cooper, who has quietly been a solid bat over the last three seasons and would be a welcome addition in LA.

While he has very little home run power, Cooper has an .813 OPS in 189 games played over the last three seasons. He’s primarily played first base and DH this season but can also play left field, potentially opening things up for the Dodgers to shuffle pieces around and get Max Muncy or Justin Turner out of the lineup on certain nights.

He’s not a massive name, but he would be a quality addition in LA. That raises the question, though …

What would a Dodgers trade package for Garrett Cooper look like?

Dodgers Get
Garrett Cooper
Marlins Get
Jorbit Vivas
Carlos Duran
Damon Keith

The inspiration for this trade package is the Joey Gallo trade from last season. While Gallo and Cooper are different players, Gallo had a year and a half left of team control when that trade happened, as does Cooper. While Gallo has been awful this season, he was sporting an OPS+ over 130 when the trade happened. Cooper’s is 118.

The prospects that the Yankees traded for Gallo from their system included two that ranked in the teens and two in the 20s. Cooper isn’t as valuable of an asset as Gallo was a year ago, so the return for him is understandably lower.

That being said, Miami still gets a pretty good return in this trade. Jorbit Vivas ranks ninth in the Dodgers system and allows Miami to flip an infielder in Cooper for an infield prospect. While Vivas ranks in the top 10, there are three infield prospects that rank ahead of him and several more shortly behind him. He’s expendable.

Also in the trade is No. 16 prospect Carlos Duran. The 6-foot-7 right-hander has put together good numbers in his minor league career that the Marlins can bank on. With so much pitching depth in the system, he’s a movable piece for LA as well.

Finally, the Marlins get a prospect that’s not currently ranked in the top 30 but is torching the baseball in Damon Keith, who’s slashing .308/.440/.521 in Low-A Rancho Cucamonga this season.

Two top-30 prospects from one of the best farm systems in baseball as well as a hot bat that might crack Miami’s top 30 … that’s a fair price for a year and a half of Cooper without breaking the bank.