Dodgers’ Trea Turner swats Giants, Jarlin Garcia away after celebration troll

What’s cooler than being cool? Being Ice Trea Turner, the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ spark plug who’s in the middle of a remarkable 27-5 sprint with the team.

On Thursday, Turner and the Dodgers somehow found themselves in the crosshairs of semi-anonymous Giants reliever Jarlin Garcia, who decided to dance all over Los Angeles while trying to prevent being swept in four games at home (and trailing, at the time).

It did not go well. Despite Garcia’s efforts in relief, the Giants still fell in four consecutive games to the red-hot Dodgers, and suffered one final embarrassment in response to their pitcher’s brash behavior. Behavior, again, that occurred while trailing by a pair of runs, and after three consecutive losses.

The kerfuffle started when Garcia struck out Cody Bellinger in the top of the sixth — well, really, it started when the Giants spent four months proving their 2021 season was a fluke and decided they had to get the aggression out somehow.

After strikeouts of both Bellinger and rookie James Outman who’s, like, barely even a part of this, Garcia tapped his head and pointed at Mookie Betts, mocking the Dodgers’ celebration while strutting around like he owned the place.

Unfortunately for Garcia, he might own AT&T Park, but the Dodgers are certainly renting it. They’ve beaten the Giants like a drum recently, and after Trea Turner’s insurance home run, the entire bench unleashed the celebration in Garcia’s direction.

Giants’ Jarlin Garcia got more than he bargained for after trolling Dodgers, Trea Turner

Maybe Garcia was just auditioning for a spot in the Dodgers’ bullpen? We get it. Everybody wants to join LA’s pitching factory. Sadly, with the return of Dustin May incoming and only 27 strikeouts in 37.1 innings pitched to Garcia’s name, it’s probably not going to be a fit.

After the game, Turner wasn’t shy in explaining what went down, while swatting Garcia and the Giants away like a 26-man roster of gnats.

There’s nothing more dismissive Turner could’ve said than, “That … made no sense.” From all the way back there in the standings, though, everything seems like a good idea.

Garcia tried to make the Dodgers itch, and instead they made him pay. Seeing the entire roster doing the celebration you’ve just tried to mock can’t be a very good feeling. Then again, neither is playing out the string during a Bay Area autumn.