1 offseason move by each NL West rival that should scare Dodgers fans

San Diego Padres Introduce Xander Bogaerts
San Diego Padres Introduce Xander Bogaerts / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages
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San Francisco Giants: Michael Conforto, OF

Quite frankly, once it became clear the Dodgers' patented offer of "a ton of money on a short-term deal" wasn't appealing to Aaron Judge, we were worried about him bolting to his hometown in San Francisco. We were especially worried about that happening when people started tweeting that it did happen. In conclusion, phew.

In the wake of the Judge debacle, the Giants managed to foist the right fielder's money on Carlos Correa, only for the deal to collapse faster than the carbonite plate in the shortstop's ankle. That was worrisome, too! The Giants having a primary Dodgers antagonist on their roster for the next decade wouldn't have been particularly enjoyable, even if it brought new spice to a slightly-dormant rivalry.

Without a centerpiece, it's difficult to get truly worked up about the Giants' offseason. It's no fun to see the underrated Ross Stripling wearing orange and black, but adding another clone to the rotation shouldn't make a major difference. Sean Manaea seems like a beneficial addition for the Dodgers; they roast him.

We'll go with Michael Conforto here, who might have more power left in his bat than JD Martinez, a player who ended up as the Dodgers' DH out of a sense of familiarity with the coaching infrastructure. Odds are in Martinez's favor for a bounce back, but Conforto offers the same offensive upside from the left side of the plate, further balancing the lineup while also presenting more positional flexibility (eg, he's allowed to roam in the outfield).

If the Dodgers were going to stay above the tax anyway, they could've offered Conforto to fill in the AJ Pollock role left deserted last season. He makes perfect sense as a Giants reclamation project at the tail end of an otherwise bummer offseason, and weirdly seems more likely to stay healthy than their other major acquisition, Mitch Haniger.