1 offseason move by each NL West rival that should scare Dodgers fans

San Diego Padres Introduce Xander Bogaerts
San Diego Padres Introduce Xander Bogaerts / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages
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Colorado Rockies: Holding Onto SS Brendan Rodgers

What to put for the Rockies here ... what ... to put for the Rockies here ...

Congratulations on moving on from Trevor Story at the right time? Y-you knew what you were doing, I guess?

A fully healthy season of Kris Bryant will likely be the Rockies' best "addition" this season, and Dodgers fans who've long "enjoyed" this rivalry know that no matter who's on the roster, there will be a 13-7 lead at Coors that becomes 13-12, bases loaded, two outs in the ninth. As top prospects like Ezequiel Tovar (close) and Zac Veen (further away) get worked into the lineup, this offense-first team could get even friskier.

For now, though, if we have to give this dormant offseason a "WARNING" sign, we'll award it to the Rockies' Brendan Rodgers non-trade. Colorado almost cut bait on their former top prospect this offseason, dealing him to the Marlins for pitching (Edward Cabrera?) before talks fell apart.

After years of not quite getting an opportunity, Gavin Lux-style, Rodgers had a representative season that moved him in the right direction in 2022. He earned a Gold Glove at second base for his defense, while also hitting .266 with 13 bombs, 63 RBI and a .733 OPS (which Rodgers should work on raising in the thin Denver air). Still just 26 years old until midsummer, if Rodgers can fill out his frame and add some pop, the Rockies will have a very valuable player on their hands (and the potential cornerstone they'd dreamed on in 2017-18 when he was rising up the prospect charts).

Rodgers' emergence should scare the Dodgers more than, say, a potential Edward Cabrera acquisition. Barely, though.

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