15 worst Los Angeles Dodgers free agent signings in franchise history

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves
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3. Jason Schmidt: Three Years, $47 Million, 2006

The Brett Tomko move didn't work? Well, why not double down, Vince Vaughn-style, by signing the early-aughts Giants ace? That should hit 'em where it hurts! Well...

When the Dodgers signed Jason Schmidt, he was coming off his age-33 season, a year where he hurled 213.1 regular-season innings, made the All-Star team once again, and posted a 3.59 ERA/3.95 FIP. He wasn't spectacular, but he was steady, a good bet to age well considering all the ground balls he induced with his hard sinker.

Sadly, the Dodgers lost this bet tremendously. In three years, Schmidt made just 10 starts, posting a 6.31 ERA in 2007 and a 5.60 mark in 2009. But hey, at least we got to see his trademark soul patch in Dodger Blue for a little! Certainly a good deal for a brief period of the '06-'07 offseason in terms of "owning the Giants," but Schmidt did precious little else during his Dodgers tenure -- and that team was good! Could've really used him!