15 worst Los Angeles Dodgers free agent signings in franchise history

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves
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12. Manny Ramirez: Two Years, $45 Million, 2009

At least Manny was fun in portions of the 2009 season! But MannyWood was knocked down and rezoned after 2008, when the Jason Bay-Craig Hansen-Andy LaRoche swap resulted in one of the most exciting Dodgers summers/postseasons in years.

Ramirez started his fresh, two-year contract with a bang the next season, hitting .348 through May 7 ... when it turned out the jig was up. One of the greatest hitters of his generation was hit with a 50-game PED suspension, and though he came back to do his typical damage in the postseason (.308 in the NLDS against the Cardinals, .263 with a homer against Philly), the magic was never recaptured.

Despite hitting .311 with eight bombs in 66 games the next season, Ramirez had clearly worn out his welcome once again in the city it seemed like he'd own forever two summers prior. The Dodgers traded him to the White Sox in 2010, and his MLB career ended the next season after an unsuccessful stint in Tampa.