16 trade targets the Dodgers need to avoid at the deadline

You know who you want the Dodgers to trade for, right? Good. Now here's an extensive list of who they need to avoid.

Mar 4, 2023; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke against the Los Angeles
Mar 4, 2023; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke against the Los Angeles / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Position players the Dodgers need to avoid at the trade deadline

The Dodgers don't have a ton of position player needs at the trade deadline with shortstop and maybe the outfield being the only places where they might poke around in the trade market. Here are a few guys they should steer clear from, though.

Tommy Edman

Edman is a utility player who is a really strong defender on a Cardinals team that SHOULD eventually come to the conclusion that they need to sell. He also comes with some team control as he's locked up through the 2025 season. However, his defensive prowess and versatility is going to make him very pricey in terms of prospects to trade for, and he doesn't bring much offensively. LA's resources are probably better spent elsewhere.

Javier Baez

Whether or not the Tigers are true buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, they still would probably love to find a team to take on the contract Detroit gave Javier Baez during the 2021 offseason. While Baez has a ton of name recognition, he doesn't really check any boxes for LA. He's way too expensive and hasn't been nearly good enough at the plate the last couple of years to justify taking on that kind of financial commitment, even if the Dodgers weren't worried about the luxury tax.

Jorge Mateo

The Orioles have way too many high upside infielders as it stands, so Mateo is definitely going to be available. He also plays the shortstop position well defensively, is a terror on the basepaths, and is a cheap financial commitment. However, he 's much better suited for a rebuilding team that has the time to figure out if they can unlock more from his bat as it lags way behind the rest of his game. The Dodgers need offensive production from the shortstop position and Mateo's career 77 wRC+ just doesn't cut it.

Starling Marte

We wanted to include an outfielder here, and we went with Starling Marte. The Mets are definitely heading towards selling of a couple of expensive players at the trade deadline and would probably love to unload the ~$60 million they owe Marte over the next three seasons. However, the Dodgers would definitely screw up their luxury tax plans if they were to nab him, and he's in the middle of a career-worst season at the plate in New York. No thanks.

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