3 buy-low free agents with high upside that should interest Dodgers

The Dodgers can balance their spending between big and mid-tier.
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Gio Urshela

A contact bat that can play multiple defensive positions the Dodgers need to fill at a cheap price because of a recent hip injury? Come on down, Gio Urshela! The former Yankees hero saw just 62 games with the Angels in 2023. Any intel on his relationship with Shohei Ohtani? Somebody wanna get on that? Could be smart.

Either way, Urshela is an elevated version of Miguel Rojas. He can hit. He can effectively play shortstop and third base -- two positions the Dodgers are going to need help at if they keep the status quo. Though his OPS doesn't knock your socks off, he hovers around .300 and has a penchant for hitting with runners in scoring position as a bottom-of-the-lineup bat (.260 AVG, .705 OPS for his career).

There are risks. He's entering his age-32 season and coming off a fractured pelvis. But the veteran moxy and versatility are there. The Dodgers clearly don't trust Vargas or Busch to take on a greater workload (their actions are different from their words). The Dodgers' capable infield depth is non-existent.

Urshela's just a freeway trip away and it'd be a micro cost for one season.