3 deals the Dodgers could get done during 2024 Winter Meetings

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Get the 2020 World Series gang back together by signing Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernández

Well, part of it, at least. The team cut Cody Bellinger loose last offseason with a non-tender, so it seems unlikely that the Dodgers could win him back, even if they got on their knees and begged. Meanwhile, the Rangers will be holding onto Corey Seager with a vice grip until 2032. All's not lost, though. Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernández are also free agents this season, and David Vassegh of AM 570 LA Sports believes the Dodgers are in on Pederson, while Hernández was spotted wearing Dodgers gear in a New Era ad.

The Dodgers went out of their way to bring Hernández back to LA for half-season this year after letting him go to the Red Sox in free agency after the 2020 campaign, a return that was met by enthusiasm from both Dodgers fans and Hernández himself (despite the way he was treated after winning the team a World Series). There seems to be a desire on the player's end to stay in LA, where his late-season numbers with the Dodgers looked reinvigorated after a middling front half in Boston.

Pederson, on the other hand, has seemed less inclined to give the Dodgers the time of day should they ever come knocking again, but LA really needs another lefty bat and formidable depth option. Despite some struggles in the role with the Giants this year, it's possible that a return to the team he won the World Series with could reignite something in him.