3 Dodgers offseason dreams that are dead or dying by the day

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Los Angeles Dodgers fans are sitting, waiting for the team to make its first big splash of the offseason. The signings of Jason Heyward and Ricky Vanasco filled up the 40-man roster, but many have suspected multiple trades are on the way to clear space.

And how about those trades? What's going on with them? There were seemingly so many lined up for the Dodgers to pick from and then ... they all kind of dissipated. The free agent signings were never going to be plentiful, and fans have to say they still like their chances with Shohei Ohtani.

But if the Dodgers are spending all that money in one spot, they probably can't get overly aggresive with Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. Just the way it is.

That's why the trade market was so important. But there have largely been crickets. Tyler Glasnow is supposed to be on the move, but there's yet to be a link to LA. Same goes for Shane Bieber. We'll mention a few others below that have seemingly lost steam, too.

Once upon a time the opportunities felt plentiful. Now? We'll have to hope for a revival in the coming days or at the Winter Meetings.

3 Dodgers offseason dreams that are dead or dying by the day

Nolan Arenado

Dead. Flatlined. When the offseason buzz was growing prior to the World Series, there was a real possibility of the Cardinals tearing down their operation after a disheartening 2023 season. And Dodgers fans immediately zoned in on Nolan Arenado.

But over the past couple weeks, the Cardinals stated their intention to get back into the winner's circle come 2024 by signing Kyle Gibson, Lance Lynn and Sonny Gray. They're also reportedly interested in another arm coming on this list.

They're not done going after relievers, either, as the bullpen reportedly remains a focus. They have plenty of trade chips to dangle in Tyler O'Neill, Dylan Carlson, and others. The pipe dream of Arenado will have to wait for the next Cards' collapse.