3 Dodgers offseason dreams that are dead or dying by the day

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
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Dylan Cease

Yup, St. Louis joined the Dylan Cease sweepstakes, too, alongside the Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds. Not exactly what the Dodgers want to hear because that's a prospect bidding war waiting to happen.

Recent reports have also suggested the White Sox could wait to trade Cease until after Yamamoto and Snell sign so they further corner the starting pitching market. Even then, that probably wouldn't eliminate any of the above names because spending money doesnt take anybody out of trade discussions.

What feels even worse is that the Dodgers were seemingly first to the party. Then the Braves popped in after interrupting LA's Aaron Nola pursuit, too. Cease is from Milton, GA, so that could play an immense factor, too. Fans are frustrated the Braves continue to get in the way, and are also among the suitors for Glasnow.

All hope on a Cease trade isn't lost, but it definitely doesn't feel imminent or even all that likely right now. The hope was for the Dodgers to get one pitcher before the Winter Meetings so they wouldn't have to do too much work on that front. Looks like that ain't happening.