3 Dodgers players who have no business being on the 2023 postseason roster

Yep, this one's easy.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Washington Nationals
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Over the weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their 10th NL West title over the last 11 years, further cementing their supremacy in the National League with a much less talented roster in 2023 compared to previous seasons.

How will they fare in the playoffs? That's a topic for a different article. In this one, we're just trying to make sure the Dodgers construct the best postseason roster possible by omitting a few guys that probably haven't earned the right to play when the stakes are elevated.

Like in years past, however, there aren't many options for the Dodgers to leave off the roster come October. They have an elite foundation, which has been a recurring trend dating back to 2017, but this time around they're simply left with fewer choices.

The pitching staff has been decimated by injuries and the Dodgers need to roll with what they have. Had health been in their favor, this discussion might've been a bit more captivating. Perhaps a deserving player might've been stuck watching from home.

Chances are, though, Dodgers fans probably know who won't be continuing on with the team in two weeks' time.

3 Dodgers players who have no business being on the 2023 postseason roster

Kolten Wong

Yes, believe it or not, Kolten Wong is eligible for the postseason roster as he was added to the 40-man roster right before Sept. 1. He was signed to a minor-league deal in mid-August after the Seattle Mariners cut him loose.

Wong has since played in 11 games for the Dodgers. He's clocked two homers, driven in seven runs, stolen two bases, and owns an .851 OPS. Pretty good for a guy who was putting forth the worst season of his career prior to arriving in LA.

But what gives him the edge over anybody else? Miguel Rojas, for as much of a black hole as his bat has been, is a tremendous and reliable defender the Dodgers can't afford to discard. Additionally, he's gotten a bit hot offensively as of late, so there's no reason to halt that progress.

Though Rojas has minimal playoff experience, Wong's track record is far more concerning. In 35 playoff games, he's hitting .188 with a .644 OPS and just six walks. The Dodgers have enough lefty bats and capable infielders to get buy. Wong's presence for September was helpful, but he won't be needed beyond that.