3 Dodgers prospects that should be untouchable, 2 that should be traded

The Dodgers should be active during the trade deadline and, as a result, several prospects may find new homes.
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Dodgers prospect that should be traded: Michael Busch

Michael Busch has not done well in his limited time with the big-league club this season and that could be a preview of his future with the Dodgers. Out of all the top prospects for the team to trade, Busch definitely is the most likely to go.

There are multiple reasons why Busch could be floated out in trades. First off, the Dodgers have depth at the corner infield spots, and once Max Muncy returns there really isn't a need for Busch on the roster. He will stick around for the time being with Chris Taylor hitting the IL, but as another left-handed bat, he doesn't add much.

It's also interesting to note how the Dodgers have handled him. Despite his massive success in the minors, the Dodgers have not been in a hurry to give him extended big-league chances. Typically, the Dodgers do that with a prospect that they may not fully buy into as they don't want to hurt his trade value.

Busch is already 25 years old and he'd benefit from getting a chance to start every day in a big-league lineup. Even with his struggles, he still has a lot of value as a top-100 prospect and shouldn't be given away for some mid-tier reliever.

But if the Dodgers are going to make anything more than a small trade, Busch is going to be the first one to leave.