3 Dodgers prospects that should be untouchable, 2 that should be traded

The Dodgers should be active during the trade deadline and, as a result, several prospects may find new homes.
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Untouchable Dodgers prospect: Andy Pages

Andy Pages has become a popular Dodgers prospect for fans to make mock trades with. Pages is right in that range where he has enough value as a prospect to get a good return but he's not an elite-tier prospect that would really sting to lose.

Plus, Pages had season-ending surgery earlier this month. Knowing that he won't make any kind of impact this year and has to recover from the injury, it seems logical to trade him for immediate help.

It's hard to find an avenue in which it makes sense to trade Pages, though. First of all, the Dodgers are not going to get what they should for Pages in a deal because of his injury. It makes no sense to trade a prospect when his value is 75% of what it was six months ago because of an injury.

Additionally, the long-term outlook of the outfield is up in the air. Right now the Dodgers have Mookie Betts and James Outman as options in the outfield in the future. David Peralta and Jason Heyward are on one-year deals. Taylor has struggled and is a utility guy. Jonny DeLuca has not done well at the big-league level.

There's a starting job lined up for Pages whether it be in 2024 or 2025. To take that away and trade him for less than what he's worth would be a silly move.