3 Dodgers third base trade targets not named Nolan Arenado

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A bad year from the St. Louis Cardinals opened up the possibility of them offloading key pieces, which include the likes of Nolan Arenado. This rightfully got Dodgers fans excited, and reignited the hope from 2021, when Arenado was first traded, that he could finally end up a Dodger.

It all makes sense; he’s from Newport Beach, grew up a Dodgers fan, and has wanted to join them in the past. While he may still be at the top of many fans' wishlists at this trade deadline, it can't be anything to bank on. The Cardinals are not going to clean house and want to keep guys they can build around.

Unless they're getting an offer they can't refuse, Arenado is likely staying put. And the Dodgers probably won't hurl a huge prospect package at St. Louis just to inherit $90+ million to their payroll. There has to be some give and take when importing that kind of money.

So it's time to think outside the box for LA looking to upgrade the third base position. Here are some other candidates who could help the Dodgers push for a World Series.