3 Dodgers third base trade targets not named Nolan Arenado

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Jeimer Candelario

The Washington Nationals are another team that sits in last place in their division but hold a talented third baseman. Jeimer Candelario, while older than Hayes, is 29 and likely does not fit the timeframe of when the Nationals can start being competitive again.

He's currently hitting .257/.354/.486 (good for an .820 OPS). All of those numbers are improvements over his career averages. He’s a switch hitter that would bring versatility to the Dodgers lineup (he'd be the only one on the roster). Candelario also plays great defense at third base. While it isn’t Hayes' level, he still ranks in the 94th percentile in outs above average at his position. Since he did sign a one-year contract, the Nationals could look to gain as much value possible for him before the deadline. With a WAR of 3.0 this season, Candelario could be a great pickup for the Dodgers.