3 Dodgers third base trade targets not named Nolan Arenado

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Yoan Moncada

The Dodgers could look to capitalize on a few White Sox players, especially on the pitching side. But they could also take a shot at trying to fix Yoán Moncada, as he has shown promise in the past.

Is this something the Dodgers really want to take a risk on this late in the season? Possibly not. But if they were willing to take a chance on Joey Gallo last deadline, why not Moncada this year? He too is a switch hitter who might be able to tap into something, and you could possibly get him at a low price since his WAR is currently -0.1. Another issue is that he would be owed $24 million next season (with another big club option for 2025).

Of course, one option is to just ride it out with Muncy and continue to take what you get from him. The Dodgers are in first place with Muncy, and an upgrade is something that isn’t necessarily a must for the Dodgers at the deadline. Nonetheless, it helps if they're looking ahead to 2024 because they'll have to make changes in the offseason if they don't address it by Aug. 1.