3 Dodgers trade targets to replace a disappointing Miguel Vargas

Miguel Vargas has not been the offensive player the Dodgers were expecting and that earned him a demotion.
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Miguel Vargas was optioned down to Triple-A after a not-so-stellar first half of the 2023 season. Vargas, who was meant to replace Justin Turner in the lineup, hit a measly .195 with a .672 OPS and 20% strikeout rate.

This was not the promising bat that Dodgers fans were hoping for and that could cause the team to make some adjustments at the trade deadline. Dave Roberts himself already admitted that the team would target a right-handed hitting bat and Vargas getting optioned only magnifies that need.

Vargas himself likely won't be traded as his value has never been lower and it makes no sense for the Dodgers to give up on the still-promising talent. However, he could spend the rest of the season in Oklahoma City if the Dodgers can add someone to effectively replace him in the lineup.

Dodgers trade targets that could replace Miguel Vargas

Brent Rooker

The first inclusion on this list would take some creativity because Brent Rooker won't be out there fielding balls at second base. Rooker is a corner outfielder and a marginal defender at best, so that's where he would stay with the Dodgers.

While this wouldn't directly replace Vargas, it would help set off a chain reaction of replacing him in the lineup. Rooker could be the team's go-to right-handed option in left field, allowing David Peralta or Jason Heyward to play more right field so that Mookie Betts can stay in the infield at second base.

Betts has thrived in the infield this season and keeping him there shouldn't be out of the question. A returning Chris Taylor can man the shortstop position with Miguel Rojas, and the Dodgers would be getting an All-Star slugger in Rooker to provide pop at the bottom of the order.