3 Dodgers trade targets to replace a disappointing Miguel Vargas

Miguel Vargas has not been the offensive player the Dodgers were expecting and that earned him a demotion.
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Donovan Solano

If the Dodgers want a dedicated infielder to replace Vargas, then Donovan Solano could be the team's best option. Spoiler alert: Solano is the only traditional full-time infielder on this list. Turns out, finding a right-handed hitting infielder that can actually be traded is pretty hard.

Solano plays for the Minnesota Twins, who do not appear to be sellers at the trade deadline. After all, the AL Central is a disaster and the Twins have as good of a chance as anyone to win the division. That doesn't totally rule out the possibility of a trade, though.

A small-market team like the Twins is going to push to get all the assets possible. If a team like the Dodgers is offering a package with a top-25 prospect for Solano, then it might be hard for Minnesota to say no. The Twins don't need Solano to win the division.

The right-handed hitting veteran is a free agent after this season, making him prime trade bait while potentially keeping the Dodgers' books clean. While there's not much power there, Solano is still sporting a .797 OPS carried by a .373 on-base percentage.

Solano can play all over the infield (he's played first, second and third this season) and would provide a solid contact bat to put at the bottom of the order to get on base for Betts and Freddie Freeman to drive him home when the lineup turns over.