3 Dodgers trade targets to replace a disappointing Miguel Vargas

Miguel Vargas has not been the offensive player the Dodgers were expecting and that earned him a demotion.

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Mark Canha

Like Rooker, Mark Canha is traditionally an outfielder and would not directly plug the hole at second base that optioning Vargas created. In addition to setting off a chain reaction to fill that need, though, Canha can also log some innings in the infield.

Canha is by no means a great defensive infielder but he's proven the ability to play third base at the big-league level. There are nights against lefties that Canha could play third with Max Muncy on the bench. Or Muncy could even get more reps at second with Canha logging some innings at third.

Traditionally it would not seem likely that the New York Mets would be sellers, but this season has been a nightmare in Queens, so selling off some pieces is certainly a possibility. It's even more likely that the team would part with a non-star like Canha.

Canha has a club option after this season, and with New York so far over the luxury tax the team was probably planning on letting him walk anyway. Getting something for him is better than nothing and the Dodgers have a surplus of prospects to trade. For the LA, they could get the option of using Canha to replace another veteran outfielder next year, but could also get off the deal if need be.

Canha is having a down year with a .748 OPS, but the potential is still there. At his best, he's someone who works walks and gets on base, as evidenced by his .396 on-base percentage in 2019. He still gets on base quite frequently against southpaws, too. His .362 OBP against lefties would certainly raise the Dodgers' team mark and help the offense chug along.