3 Dodgers who are primed to be unlikely postseason heroes

You better believe it!
San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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2. Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward just screams postseason hero. The veteran outfielder has been so good for the Dodgers in the role they have asked him to play and he's the perfect type of veteran bat that will end up having a two-home run game when the Dodgers need it most in the postseason.

The Dodgers have limited Heyward to mostly being a platoon option against right-handed pitching, which will continue to be the case in October. Heyward has thrived in that role to the tune of an .836 OPS in his 360 plate appearances.

Heyward won't be in the starting lineup against left-handed pitching and he'll probably be pulled in a big spot if he's facing southpaw late in the game. But even then, having an impact bat that forces the other team to pitch around him can make a big difference and will get the Dodgers' southpaw mashers in the game to make a difference.

Despite his immense postseason experience, Heyward has struggled in October throughout his career. The slugging outfielder has a .156 average and .467 OPS in 40 career playoff games. That may seem like a bad sign, but it will only make Heyward hungrier as he looks to right that ship, win a ring, and earn his next contract.

The Dodgers are going to play the winner of the third and sixth seed in the NLDS. As it stands right now, that would be the winner of the Milwaukee Brewers (who have clinched the three seed) and the Miami Marlins/Chicago Cubs. All three teams are skewed and have more right-handed pitchers.