3 Dodgers who don’t deserve to be on the 40-man roster

It's time to trim.

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The Dodgers' Opening Day lineup will easily be one of the best in baseball. Absolutely stacked with stars of mega-watt proportion, it's hard to find a single imperfection in that armor. Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Will Smith — these are basically household names and, barring disaster, those names will stay at the top of the Dodgers' lineup cards for the vast majority of the season.

However, look a little further down, widen the search to the bench and the pitching staff, and some cracks do start to show. The Dodgers have done a lot to make their selection of everyday players one of the most fearsome in baseball, but there are still names that aren't so forward-facing and could be more easily exploited.

After signing James Paxton, the Dodgers' 40-man is full, but there are players who might (or, rather, should) be on the chopping block if anymore additions are made to the team.

3 Dodgers who don’t deserve to be on the 40-man roster

Miguel Rojas

With Gavin Lux returning to play shortstop everyday, Mookie Betts moving to second base, and Freddie Freeman, dependable-as-ever, at first base, it hard to figure out where Miguel Rojas fits in anymore. Brought in on a trade with the Marlins in 2022 and then extended for two guaranteed years with a club option for 2025, he was the team's most frequent fixture at shortstop last year after Lux got hurt. Although Rojas is a more than serviceable defensive player, his offensive production left a lot to be desired. He seemed to hit a wall in 2023, or maybe a low plateau, because the numbers he put up that season were almost identical to the ones he hit for in 2022 with the Marlins.

A lot has changed since Rojas was extended; he might've even had a shot at second base if the team wasn't committed to moving Betts. He was originally signed to be a utility player before moving to shortstop, but as additions have been made and the Dodgers have fortified their lineup, there don't seem to be a lot of openings for Rojas. Freeman has only missed seven games over the last three seasons and Betts only missed 10 last season. The Dodgers might keep him to serve as a backup for Lux, but the Dodgers also seem higher on Chris Taylor as a bench bat.

There's nothing wrong with having multiple utility options — if anything, the exact opposite — but the Dodgers could do better than Rojas. Getting rid of his contract could be a little tricky but not impossible, and they could kick in a few other players to sweeten a trade.